Monday, June 23, 2008

Doing it Alone?

I've had some interesting discussions with many people recently in relation to the recent publishing of my new book "Worth More Than Rubies" which grew out of a blog. And I've also read several blog posts about the same subject.

So many see the role of a Proverbs 31 Woman as daunting and impossible to reach, and perhaps in some ways it is. But many overlook verse 15 which states, "She gets up whilst it is still dark; she provides food for her family and portions for her servant girls."

When there are others involved in assisting with anything at all, the load is lightened. We don't have 'servant girls' these days for the most part, but we do have family members and friends and in a day and age of very busy lives, it is good to pull the family together to share in household chores and activities. It is not harmful for the children to learn at a young age to help around the household or even when you're out somewhere else. To do simple things like picking up after themselves at home and elsewhere, help carry things to and fro the car or house, and to ask you if you need help when they see you are busy.

If there are no other family members and simply a couple, then sharing the load between the two as much as possible should definitely help. But there are other things you can do that might assist and I share some of them here.

I run a full time business at home and whilst the girls were growing up I didn't have time to do everything around the house. But I was able to engage help and this was something my husband and I discussed and agreed upon. For as long as I can remember I've had someone come and pick up the ironing fortnightly and drop it back off again a couple of days later. I have another lady come on the alternate weeks and clean the house. We pick up everything and put things away (the girls had to throw everything on their beds when they were home, so the floors were clear) and the cleaner washes, wipes and vacuums. It is really nice to walk through our home after she's gone and just smell the freshness and cleanness throughout the house. Once a month I have a man come and mow the lawns and do other odds and ends for us as needed.

Both my husband and I feel that investing the money to pay these three people a worthwhile thing to do - it gives me peace of mind and allows me to concentrate on what I do well without worrying about the house and garden, and it also assists three people to run their own businesses and contribute to their household incomes. In doing that, I am actually helping to provide 'portions for my helpers' as well as provide for my family.

Kathie M. Thomas is an Author, Blogger, Speaker and Virtual Assistant Coach & Trainer. She began her business 'A Clayton's Secretary' in 1994 to be home full time for her 5 daughters. Today she runs a global business via the internet and is an avid blogger. She also contributes to printed and online publications and has published several books. Her passion is about helping women return home to work, using skills they developed in the workforce, so they can be home full time for their families. Her latest book "Worth More Than Rubies: The Value of a Work At Home Mom" was recently made available at

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